The Parallel World.

Para is the world's first persistent augmented reality network.

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Place virtual objects in the real world that others can interact with.


With a cryptographically secure transaction system, virtual goods and services can be bought and sold with complete confidence.


Placing a virtual object in the real world allows others to interact with it, just as if it were a real object.


The Parallel Reality Protocol is completely extensible, allowing for new providers to extend and further augment the world.

True Persistence.

Entities that live in the parallel world are always on, with their own activity and logic that allows them to interact with both other participants in the Para network and other virtual entities within the network.


Para's goal is to be as simple as possible. Interacting with the REST API should be familiar to developers, and information is exchanged as JSON.

rest.get('').on('complete', function(objects) {
  // 'objects' contains an array of nearby objects.
  // [ { obj1 } , { obj2 } , ... ]

Secure Commerce

A complete commerce system built around the concept of decentralized cryptocurrencies allows the Para network to verify the authenticity of any transaction of virtual goods (or services) at any time.

Client Indempotent

The Para network can be accessed using any client that implements the protocol. Choices in rendering and interaction are completely up to the creator of the application, but the state of entities within the network is completely consistent across client.

This allows for a coherent perception of the parallel world, with customizations impacting only the visualization of the data.

Data Providers

Para implements a simple system for exposing existing web services as data providers in the network. This allows for simple discovery of information in the immediate context, which can then be used to compose augmented reality interfaces for the user. Take look at the list of providers for examples.


Para is a network that doesn't rely on any one resource, including Resources are distributed across the network in a redundant fashion, increasing the performance for individual clients by loading data from nearby peers, allowing for geographically-balanced "clusters" to automatically emerge for maximum performance.

This means Para will exist indefinitely, so long as there are peers connected to the network.


Identity and security is managed within the network through elliptic curve cryptography, allowing secure pseudononymous participation within the network.